Conversational AI
to revolutionize your Omnichannel CX

Discover our no-code platform based on the new generation of AI.

Boost your CX with

Conversational AI

Create memorable customer experiences through our AI-powered ChatBot building solution.
Connect with your audience in a more natural and personalized way.

Don’t make them wait. Resolve customer questions instantly, 24/7/365.

Boost your conversation AI
Elevate engament with generative AI

Elevate Engagement

with Generative AI

Dedicate the right and necessary time to train your ChatBot, and let the AI ​​take care of the rest.
Deliver rich messaging experiences that captivate and resonate with your audience.

Build a 360° view

of each customer

Centralize and automate large volumes of conversations and attain customer interaction traceability.
Seamlessly route high‑value or high‑complexity use cases to live agents.
360 view of each customer

Unlock the power of

WhatsApp Business Platform

The API of WhatsApp Business Platform empowers you to drive business outcomes by giving your customers the type of always-on messaging they want and where they live.
Keep prospects and customers on the path to purchase and satisfied with your services. Engage and retain your customers on the platform with more than 2 billion users around the world.

A customized solution for every industry

Automated conversational journeys with AI in a secure and reliable way, integrated into an omnichannel ecosystem.
Industries Healthcare


Elevate patient experiences, streamline operations effortlessly.
  • Appointment Booking & Rescheduling.
  • Appointment Reminders.
  • Medical Plans.
Industries Finance


Enable secure, self-service conversations for efficient financial management.
  • New Account Openings.
  • Loan Applications.
  • Transaction dispute resolutions.
Industries Telco


Automate repetitive processes and FAQs.
TV, Internet, Mobile Phone Subscriptions.

  • Client Retention.
  • Technical Support.
  • Subscription Plans.
Industries Retail


Help customers discover and purchase your products.
  • Shipping.
  • Promotions.
  • Product Catalog.
Industries Utilities


Engage customers with self-managed services 24/7.
  • Outage Service Care.
  • Billing Notifications.
  • Technical Complaints.
Haven´t found the use case you are looking for? Contact us to learn more.
We can help you design the conversational experience that best suits your business needs.

Why Yoizen Suite



Adaptable to multiple platforms and supports a range of integrations.


Start easy and grow limitless. Our solution effortlessly accommodates your evolving needs.


Craft a personalized conversational experience that adapts to changing customer requirements.


Experience a solution that constantly evolves in line with market trends.

What makes our customers choose us

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Boost brand loyalty and drive CX transformation with expert conversational journey guidance.
ico6-uxconversational@3x (1)

UX Conversational

Create fluid user-centric chatbot flows for optimal interactive experiences.
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Agile customer support for inquiries and issue resolution.
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A culture of continuous improvement to meet customer needs and stay on top of market trends.
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Join the revolution of AI,

a transformative journey towards innovation and efficiency.

How brands evolve with us

Scienza is a leading company in the marketing, distribution and management of medications for oncology, HIV treatments, transplants and special therapies. A strategic partner between healthcare providers, pharmaceutical laboratories, and healthcare facilities, through which they reach patients.

Scienza Argentina

“In Scienza, the constant pursuit of innovation led us to choose Yoizen to optimize our internal processes and provide exceptional service to our affiliates. The opportunity that Yoizen gave us to acquire knowledge of their platform to implement all functionalities was key to creating our successful virtual assistant, VITA, and enhancing it with Artificial Intelligence. A decision that has proven to be the best.”
Rodrigo González, Process Analyst
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of WhatsApp conversations
are fully automated


of the automated conversations
on WhatsApp involve AI


of WhatsApp conversations are
resolved satisfactorily

Yoizen is awarded High Performer for Customer Self-Service and Live Chat Software. It is also featured as Niche Player for Chatbots, Digital Customer Service Platforms & Conversational Support in G2 Grid® Spring 2024 Report.

Take a look at our G2 Reviews

“It gives you and your company the possibility of growing digitally with the best results.”
Strada Brenta
CX & MKT Sr. Analyst
“Social media administration platform, versatile with the potential to add integrations.”
Marcela Pierpauli
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
“Our main partner in the digital transformation of our affiliates.”
Process Chief

Scienza Argentina

“Solutions for Digital Channels.”
Javier Ignacio
Responsible for digitalization of processes and experiences of the digital channel


About Yoizen

Yoizen is a digital technology company, founded in 2010 to evolve the way brands communicate with their users on digital channels. We have an expert Partner Network that plays a key role in our development and growth.

Our Conversational CX Platform drives digital transformation, integrating Conversational and Generative AI for customer service, sales, and business process automation, improving customer, contact center and employee experience.

Transactional Bots


Automated Conversations
Managed per Month



Yoizen is a Meta Business Partner. This means that our expertise and professional services have been verified and approved by Meta to help you transform your CX conversational strategy across WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, scaling your business.

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